Ohio LinuxFest 2007

OLF this year was a blast! IT was the first conference I’ve been to, so I’m sure I thought it was better than it really was, but it was still fun nevertheless. Here’s a quick summary of how it went:

Friday night: Arrive at the hotel. Sleep.

Saturday, 7-9: Wake up, get breakfast, get checked-in at the convention center. Got a bag o’ schwag from the organizers; had all sorts of cool stuff from the sponsors. Got my t-shirt (which is REALLY nice) and meal tickets.

Saturday, 9-12: Listen to Max Spevack, Fedora Project Leader, give the keynote, while trying to get wireless working. Apparently there wasn’t a big enough pipe available for internet, so I idled on the conference ircd. Went to the ZenOss talk and found my new favorite monitoring system. Discovered that the Developinga Linux Distro talk was canceled, and the Ubuntu for Beginners talk wasn’t interesting, so I went onto the show floor, met some of the GNOME and PostgreSQL guys, bought a GPLv3 shirt.

Saturday, 12-1: Found out about a potential keysigning, but missed it. Went over by the food court to try to find free wireless, but failed miserably (Stupid T-Mobile). Got Subway, looked through the conference schwag I got so far. Headed back to the conference and found a mythical room filled with free Google Code shirts. Awesome.

Saturday, 1-2: No interesting talks, so went to the Fedora BoF instead. I think I’ve just decided I’ll join the project 🙂

Saturday, 2-6: Went to the Cfengine talk, some really cool stuff there. Found another keysigning, got my key verified and signed by two other guys there. Headed to the Python talk, which was made problematic because I didn’t have the visual module installed. Still a good talk. Went to the Linux Link Tech Show raffle, didn’t win anything. Caught the PostgreSQL 8.3 talk; their new XML and uuid datatypes are phenomenally cool, as well as their new anti-VACUUM improvements.

Saturday, 6-?: Listened to about 15 minutes of Drew Curtis’s talk (Fark.com). Didn’t want to wait until 7 for the ending keynote, so I went for a final walk around the show floor, got another guy to sign my key, and then packed up and headed home.

Hopefully we can get more organized for the keysigning next year. I might be able to get a Wikipedia BoF going as well!



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