I want to be a developer.

It’s hard to get into open source. I mean, for me, anyway. I’m not sure what exactly I want to develop, or even how to start, but I know I want to help out the community.

I’ve been looking at kernel module programming as of late, but the trouble is that I don’t know what to write. I don’t have any devices I use that don’t work on Linux, and there’s not really a central place where people say “Hey, it’d be nice if this device worked.” Not to mention, I doubt that I have enough C / kernel experience to write a decent driver anyway.

Wikipedia is great, but it will only get so far. I’ve realized that I’m not on Wikipedia anymore as an editor, which bothers me. AntiSpamBot used to be great, but it just seems to be annoying more and more people lately, and I’m seeing little to no net benefit from it. It seems to have lost the Useful Purpose effect, unlike the Tawkerbots, which people seem to adore more than their own children. Perlwikipedia is good as well, except that I’ve been told on a number of occasions that it’s written poorly. I realize that. You can’t expect me to write a flawless work of art that rivals OpenBSD the first time.

I think I’m eventually going to burn myself out of Wikipedia. I’ve been coding in C# lately to write DiffShovel, but I don’t think that DiffShovel is going to be of much benefit to the community, in a manner similar to most of the code I write. And it, too, is written poorly. Even I can tell that, although I don’t think I should be writing good code when I’ve only known C# for a month. At some point, I’m going to realize that I don’t add anything to the project any more, I’ll find others to maintain the bots and Perlwikipedia, and then I’ll vanish.

I’ve looked at contributing patches to apps that I use, like Banshee (my music organizer/player) and the Linux kernel, but I think they’re too big for me to wrap my new-developer-mind around. I need to start small and work my way up, but I can’t find something to contribute to!


(In other news, I’m at 38,841 words, and this post was written solely to stall for time. In about 30 seconds I’ll be forced to open vi and get to 40,000.)

(Yep, right about now.)

(In a minute.)


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