Censorship = Awesome

I received an interesting email today from someone who is helping their friend use my closed proxy server. They said that their friend couldn’t access the server after I had given them login credentials. Naturally, I SSH-ed into the Toolserver, did a wget against my domain name, and it worked. So either China had discovered the proxy and blacklisted it, or there was some other problem which I couldn’t even begin to comprehend.

So, I checked my domain against a free site that determines whether a domain is accessible from China. The test came back saying that it was inaccessible from Beijing, but perfectly fine from Seattle. Guess where this is going.

Apparently, China discovered my proxy and blacklisted the domain name. Just to check, I tested the checker against a secondary Dyndns.org domain that I maintain for redundancy. The test worked fine.

Ain’t censorship grand? I have a feeling that I’m going to need to disclose my domain names only via email from now on.



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