libgnomecanvas woes

Jhbuild was merrily cranking away at Evolution deps, when libgnomeprintui spit out an error about “Too many open files.” So, I cranked up my per-user open files limit in /etc/security/limits.conf to 4096. Logged-out and back in again, and it was still there.

Turns out, on older versions of libgnomecanvas and gail, like the ones that jhbuild uses by default, the two libraries have circular dependencies.

Solution? When jhbuild fails, go to the shell and switch to the libgnomecanvas directory. Then, execute

svn switch

Then do the “./ && make && make install” business.

Now, in the gail directory, do

svn switch

Build it. Now you can exit the shell and re-run the jhbuild configure with the circular dependencies resolved.



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